Automate the Way You Manage Projects with Jira Teamwork Integration

Your project data where needed, as needed.

Easily view, track and update your projects across platforms – no coding needed! Communication across departments can be limited by the tools each department uses. It’s time to remove the barriers in your workflows. SoftSync is a powerful app that helps you synchronize projects, tasks and user activities between Jira Cloud and Teamwork. Connect your project data and boost your team’s efficiency with seamless automation.

Automate the Way You Manage Projects with the Jira Teamwork Integration

Jira and Teamwork: The Perfect Pair, Now Synchronized for Higher Productivity

Working with several project management tools can be both a necessity and a challenge. Use the Jira and Teamwork synchronization to scale your projects through an automated communication workflow. Teamwork is the preferred tool for Project Managers and business stakeholders. Jira is the preferred tool for tech. With SoftSync you can now have different parts of your organization use either Teamwork or Jira while still keeping all the project data synchronized. 

Just picture a world where you can:

  • Synchronize teams across both platforms to maintain seamless communication.
  • Save time and money by visualizing project data across platforms without acquiring extra licenses.
  • Provide custom access levels to different users to allow each person to have the data visualization level they need.
  • Send and assign feature requests and task planning from Teamwork to Jira while executing development tasks and QA in Jira.
  • Connect with clients using Jira or Teamwork and automatically sync projects with your tech team.


Fast and easy synchronization between Jira Cloud and Teamwork. Connect teams across departments.


Supported by Jira Cloud, we have the highest standards of data security. All project information is safely synced.


Global team of professionals working on continuous maintenance and improvements to support your project needs.

Streamline project management through an automated workflow that will help you prioritize business tasks and keep your teams aligned!

Seamless and Automated Teamwork and Jira Integration

Map your projects  – SoftSync will do the rest. Start having more productive workflows in just a few steps:

Choose Unilateral or Bidirectional Synchronization

With the Jira and Teamwork integration, you can synchronize data between the platforms through:

  • Two-way sync: bidirectional from Teamwork → Jira and vice versa
  • One way sync: Teamwork →  Jira
  • One way sync: Jira → Teamwork

Choose which projects to sync between both systems. Map them to the corresponding project data with specific triggers and actions for each individual project.

Define Synchronization Settings

Define synchronization settings for each project by choosing to integrate the issue type, task status, and more.

  • Task Type: map task lists or epics, custom or standard tasks, as well as sub-tasks. You will also be able to set up which task and sub-task property to sync, these include reporter, assignee, status, description, comments, attachments, estimated time, dates, and time log properties.
  • Task Status: choose which default task statuses should be synchronized.
  • Include or Exclude Users: decide if you want to sync the assignee and watchers of your tickets.

Track Usage Through the Activity Log

Gain a comprehensive view of all the features you are able to integrate across systems.

All operations are logged and stored in an activity log file so you can seamlessly review the activities performed. We take data security seriously. If you want to opt-out from saving any transfer data on to the log file, simply disable this feature at any time.  

With this simple setup, you’ll be able to fully control and visualize your operations between Teamwork and Jira – on your own terms and without workarounds!

Bidirectional Triggers and Actions

Actions performed in one platform will automatically trigger synchronization in the other and vice versa.



New issue created
Adds a new task list, task or sub-task
Set Task Status
Updates a task status
Add, Edit or Delete a File
Imports, edits or removes a file to a project
Add, Edit or Delete a Comment
Creates, edits, or removes a comment for a project; including embedded images sync
Assign or Unassign Users
Assigns or unassigns users and watchers for specific tasks
Add or Update Task Description
Adds or updates project description; including embedded images sync
New Project Created
Creates a new project
Add Project Summary
Creates a project summary for a specific project
Changes to task priority & description
Updates Issue
Set Priority
Adds or updates a tasks’ priority
Set, Update or Delete Start Date
Adds, updates or removes Start Date
Set, Update or Delete Due Date
Adds, updates or removes Due Date
Set, Update, Delete Estimated Time
Adds, updates or removes Estimated Date
Add, Update or Delete Time Entry
Adds, updates or removes Time Entry
Set, Update or Delete Watcher or Follower
Adds, updates or removes Watcher or Follower
Delete Issue, Task List or Sub-Task
Removes Issue, Task List or Sub-Task
Tag a user in Comment or Description
Tags the user in comment or description
Change Issue Summary
Updates Issue Summary
Move Issue Type from a task or task list to another or from a project to another
Moves Issue type
SoftSync: backed up by Scopic’s software development expertise and over 15 years of experience supporting a global team through the Jira and Teamwork systems. Now we’ve created this tool to help you breach the gap across departments using different platforms. Get started and enhance your teams’ efficiency and collaboration.

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